My Short Bio

It’s a cliché section, but a good one to include!

I’m James Lee Maddux, and I have a bullet point problem.

  • With an Associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering, my wife and I recently moved to Oklahoma City so I could attend the University of Oklahoma and turn it into a Bachelor’s. That said, I’m consistently amazed how many doors are opened with just my 2-year degree and a little hobby knowledge.
  • That said, I’m not attending OU! I’ve begun an online degree with the first ABET-accredited EE program at Arizona State University. I’ll be blogging more about that.
  • I married an awesome woman in 2015! And I try not to embarrass her too much.
  • Didn’t see it coming, but my work experience has centered around cancer for the last few years. During my degree, I worked a full-time, 12am-to-8am shift in a histology lab, which involved many tumor biopsies (amongst other things). After that, I worked in a cancer pharmaceutical research lab. Right now, I work for an excellent company where I help maintain a proton therapy system, including a cyclotron, x-ray imaging, robotic patient tables, and tons of hefty electromagnetic and high-vacuum systems!
  • As much as I enjoy my work life, this blog won’t talk about it; nor will it reflect the views of my wonderful employers (past or present). If you would like to discuss it, I can be reached at pragmaddux -at -gmail, or by searching for “James Maddux” on LinkedIn…hopefully I’m easy-to-find with the above info.
  • I’ve been running an electronics-themed, off-and-on blog for five years, but I’m making a fresh start after a year-long hiatus. You can find my old archives at